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Ecology: September 2017 - Aspect Ecology is pleased to join the Ashdown Forest Stakeholder Forum as an ecological consultant advising on air quality matters in regard to the Ashdown Forest SAC and SPA.

The Forum has been established by developers and landowners following the recent Wealden v Lewes High Court decision (see further detail in our previous news release at and the effective moratorium in respect of residential development introduced by Wealden District Council due to air quality concerns, with the aim of assisting the relevant Authorities to enable positive determination of development proposals affected by the Ashdown Forest SAC (Special Area of Conservation) and SPA (Special Protection Area).

Aspect Ecology is looking to provide technical assistance to the Forum to assist with development of an evidence base and formulation of potential avoidance/mitigation strategies. As such, our work will include interpretation of existing monitoring and modelling data, assessment of sensitivity of ecological features to air quality, consideration of the impacts of increased pollution and a review of available mitigation measures.